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AKM-47 at Orbeez | Limited edition

AKM-47 at Orbeez | Limited edition

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Delivery in 3 days

The AKM47 a orbeez pack is delivered to you in 3 days!

Comes with Orbeez balls

The AKM-47 package contains:

  • 10000 blue balls
  • 500 Fluo tracer balls

Limited offer

This offer is limited in duration and quantity!

LIMITED OFFER 🎁 +500 FREE Fluorescent Beads

  • Realistic and immersive in-game sensations
  • Accurate and satisfying shooting experience
  • Authentic AK47 design
  • Reliable performance during intense battles

akm47 a orbeez

Realistic and immersive gaming experience

Meet the AKM47 GelBlaster Orbeez , an exceptional gaming weapon that offers a realistic and immersive shooting experience.

Immerse yourself in the action with this faithful replica of the iconic AK47, designed to provide hours of fun and excitement.

Thanks to its burst firing mechanism , you'll feel every shot fired with impressive precision.

Whether you're an airsoft enthusiast or just looking for thrilling adventures, this Orbeez submachine gun is the ultimate accessory for all fighting game enthusiasts.

fluo orbeez automatic pistol

Unique ammunition for unparalleled sensations

The real asset of this AK47 gelblaster lies in its special ammunition. Orbeez balls, used as projectiles, add a new and exciting dimension to your gaming experience.

These small balls, which turn into jelly on contact with water, offer a unique sensation when they reach their target. Imagine the thrill of seeing the marbles burst upon hitting your opponent.

With this Orbeez AK47 submachine gun , you will experience unparalleled sensations and intense emotions in every battle.

ak47 orbeez

Robust design for reliable performance

The AK47 in Orbeez has been carefully designed to combine style and functionality. Its authentic design, faithful to that of the AK47, is both imposing and elegant.

Made from high quality materials, this Orbeez AK47 is both tough and durable , ensuring reliable performance even in the most intense encounters.

Whether you're playing indoors or outdoors, this GelBlaster is ready for any challenge.

Its ergonomic grip and balanced weight allow you to maneuver with ease, giving you a definite advantage over your opponents.

The AK47 in Orbeez is more than just a toy: it's the ultimate gaming accessory for anyone passionate about epic adventures.

Immerse yourself in a realistic shooting experience, let yourself be carried away by the unparalleled sensations of Orbeez balls.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional AK47 replica and get ready for hours of exciting and thrilling gameplay.

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  • CE certification

    All our products comply with current European standards .

    We recommend that you wear the protective goggles that came with your orbeez gun.

  • Biodegradable balls

    The orbeez balls sold on our site are non-toxic , biodegradable and environmentally friendly, which guarantees a safe and sustainable gaming experience for everyone.

  • refillable

    The reloading process is quick and easy , allowing users to spend more time playing and less time preparing gear.

  • Quality & Durability

    Your satisfaction is our priority. Our products are carefully checked by our quality department before shipping.

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